The Top 5 Engaging Films on Wall Street

Wall Street has always been a talking point in the American History and Hollywood has always been up there to grab some stories about the Wall Street. There have been some marvelous films about this famous trading place and here we have a list of the 5 best movies about Wall Street

1. Rogue Trader (1999)

This is a film inspired by the true story of Nick Leeson, a trader of Barings Bank Trader. The film is quite unique in its style of portraying the characters and tries to catch the real life situations and emotions. It is quite an entertaining film on the subject of the Wall Street. The characters were very believable and that is the USP of this film.

2. Wall Street (1986)

It can be considered as one of the classic Wall Street movies. The director Oliver Stone successfully elaborates the greed and passion associated with the Wall Street. The film went on to become one of the best films based on economics and finance industry. Michael Douglas also portrayed the character of GordanGekko beautifully. Traders all over the world love this film because it’s true essence. It shows the actual life of the Wall Street and how people deals with it.

3. Boiler Room (2000)

A sales person or a person who has ever worked in telemarketing will instantly relate to this film. It is very much familiar with the lives of people who are working in the sales department. Vin Diesel and Giovanni Ribisi are quite good in this film and they take us to with their journey. It is a very upbringing film as it shows how Ribisi’s character reaches the top by learning the delicate things about the market and the Boiler Room.

4. The American Psycho

This is an automatic choice among the best movies about Wall Street. The film will definitely make you look differently at your business cards. Here, Christian Bale plays the character of Patrick Bateman and this iconic character really tells what is like to be a professional trader. In the film, Patrick loses mind slowly and utters some words that went on to become classic. This film is also iconic in the career of Christian Bale. He enacted the character with such precision that it went on to become one of the cult performance of all time

5. Bonfire of the Vanities (1990)

The film’s brilliance lies in its way of portraying different classes and their struggle in New York City. This film is based on the book by Tom Wolfe and it shows how the elite society of New York City creates a distance from the rest. Tom Hanks plays the lead who gets into an extramarital affair and then the story ends in a tragic way. This is one of the perfect films to understand stratification of an elite trader’s life in New York. Traders love this film because it shows how the money can destroy your mindset and thinking.